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Design Concept

September 11, 2001. 9/11. On this day, our world changed, as a group of terrorists took nearly 3,000 lives and hijacked our sense of innocence. We require a place for honoring those lost, a place of solace, a passage to hope and strength. 

Logan Airport, a place of passages, was particularly affected by the events of 9/11. In the hours and days that followed, many of those who lost family members, co-workers, and friends gathered at Logan to mourn, seek answers, and receive support. We mark 9/11 with a solemn yet uplifting memorial, a testament to honor the lives lost and to the notion that we will not be grounded by evil. 

Air travel has made the world a smaller place, exposing the richness and complexities of the human experience. A global view can help to reduce ignorance and hopefully deter terrorism. Our hope is that the Logan Airport 9/11 Memorial will comfort the victims’ families and caregivers, and be a symbol of a passage to a better world. 

The design concepts presented here create a series of spaces and forms that are a solemn yet uplifting remembrance to the lives lost and to those that were deeply touched by this day, offering a passage to healing.​

Our overall idea is one of passages, from ground level/earth expressed as a small park with a grove of trees, to an elevated plane encompassing an indoor sanctuary and culminating in a viewing promontory of Air. It includes an optional sweeping structure that soars into the heavens. Our design concept offers flexibility, includes both symbolic and functional elements. Not all are required, and the design allows growth and change. A subtle linear path, indicated in a change in paving, as well as the air bridge and overall arrangement of the elements, suggest an unswerving passage, eventually leading to a symbol of freedom, heaven, and flight...Air.

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