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SAI was founded to provide services in both architecture and interior design. We are unique in that our licensed architects possess strong skills in both building exteriors and interiors. Often, we are asked to design a building, and then perform services related to interior finishes and tenant fit-up in these structures.  While we do not specialize in one building or project type, we have a solid reputation for excellence in all we do. Our architectural training enables us to be creative problem-solvers and we look at each project differently...not with our own agenda.  We quickly try to ascertain our client's needs and requirements, then develop design solutions that meet our client's objectives. We cannot resist saying that whenever appropriate, we think outside the box.


green building

We chose to be architects because we felt that we could make a difference in this world, improving the built environment with quality projects that are eco-friendly.  We have incorporated both active and passive solar heating and cooling strategies, rainwater harvesting, sunscreens, landscape solutions, use of recycled materials and other principles of green design.

In all of our work, we strive for efficiency and economy, which often translates into projects with lower life cycle costs that minimize the environmental footprint of our work.

Our staff and consulting engineers include LEED accredited professionals, and we have also certified projects to obtain the EPA Energy Star certification.rials


For many clients SAI has performed consulting services in real estate issues, entitlements and permit processing, master planning and preparing expert witness testimony with exhibits. We have years of experience in assisting attorneys and owners in obtaining difficult regulatory approvals,  and believe that we bring a firm but soft touch to negotiations, public hearings and presentations. Above all, we are sincere and diligent, and serve as helpful partners to our clients in confidential strategic decision-making, feasibility studies, long range master planning, codes analysis and development processing. in real estate, entitlements

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